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Friday Song Lab – "BMX bike"

For the duration of the summer, I’m posting music written specifically for “Zeus” every Friday. Some or all of these songs will be included on my next release – “The Zeus Collective”, which will be available for free download upon completion.
Track 4, “BMX Bike”, easily the most radio-friendly thus far. Crank those speakers. This track hasn’t seen a bit of post-production, hence the low volume. Have a listen:


  • The finished product will include a bass. Sounds a little thin without it, I know.
  • I finally broke down and recorded this in Pro tools. Up to this point, I’ve worked exclusively in GarageBand because of its ease, but the acoustic guitar parts sounded too fat, so I switched. There’s no question that Pro tools offers great pre-amps and RTAs. Silly me, I forgot just how great they sound. But there is a trade-off in using Pro tools. With GarageBand, I can cut a song and ship it to my iTunes and, for the most part, it sounds CD ready. Not so much with Pro tools, which requires mastering work to get all the instruments EQ’d correctly and pulled up into the mix. That’s why this track as you hear it sounds so low in volume. Gotta get it in the hands of an engineer before this even touches “Zeus”.
  • Until I find the funds for this, I’m limited in my electric guitar sounds. The lead and rhythm parts are almost completely dry audio, yet, much to my surprise, the clean sound came out great.

* * *

“Zeus Collective” Tracks:

1. Respite

2. Street Cred (Volcano Casualty)

3. The Weight of a Feather