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Friday Song Lab – "Gentlemen Wear Suits"

For the duration of the summer, I’m posting music written specifically for “Zeus” every Friday. Some or all of these songs will be included on my next release – “The Zeus Collective”, which will be available for free download upon completion.
The last month has been mostly a free-form variety of tracks, and if you’ve been following along, you’ve probably noticed some major discrepancies between the songs. This is good, really, since the goal for “Zeus” is to write and record a variety of styles, and then pick and choose what works best.
Jeremy H. put an idea in my mind this week, requesting a unique piece of music for each of the main characters in “Zeus”. Kinda like “The Life Aquatic”. This week’s track is tentatively for Marc, but could also work for Jeremy’s character as well.
“Gentlemen Wear Suits”, an instrumental:

Edit: I can’t listen to the guitar part. Way too distracting. Here’s the track without guitar:


  • I went back to GarageBand for this track. No particular reason.
  • Mambo. That’s all I had in mind when I thought of Marc’s character. Not sure why. I knew I’d need to dust off those 6th and 7th chords and stretch the hands a little before playing. I’m happy to report that all my fingers are still connected.
  • Keyboard parts were fumbled on my grandpa’s old Casio. It’s got that dated, cheese-ball sound I needed. No offense to Marc.
  • The guitar solo doesn’t sit as well as I’d like, and I’m a little tempted to remove it for being slightly distracting. In fact, when the time comes I’ll vote to nix it completely.
  • It’s surprising the sounds one can get from items around the house. The zip percussion sound comes courtesy of my Gap hoodie and its durable zipper.

* * *

Above is one of the stills from “Zeus”, shot inside the Olean Center Mall. You can find a few more shots over at Jeremy’s blog.
Editing is underway. Jeremy is probably at this very minute pulled up to his Mac, staring bleary-eyed at hours upon hours of footage. Buffalo won’t be seeing much of him over the next several months. Best of luck, Hurls. See you around Thanksgiving!
In other news, it looks like we will have to head back to Hinsdale Central to reshoot a crucial scene that was somehow lost during the file transfers. Not a big deal, since we had planned to venture back to Hinsdale to get some of the shots we missed back in April. Seeing as that was our one major goof, I’d say we made out pretty well.