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Friday Song Lab – "All Noise"

For the duration of the summer, I’ll be posting new music every Friday. Some songs will be used in “Zeus”; others will not. The goal here is to focus on one song idea for an entire week, fine-tune it and have it recorded and posted by Friday. The good stuff will end up on my next release – “The Zeus Collective”, which will be available for free download upon completion.
The drive from Olean, NY, to Charlotte, NC, can be daunting, and it usually is. Eleven plus hours in a vehicle is hell. Of course, music helps pass the time, and my brother and I sampled enough top 40 to get us all caught up in the world of pop music. Honestly, I didn’t hate what I heard. Maybe the music has gotten catchier, more fun, or maybe I just didn’t notice before, but either way I found myself enjoying a number of today’s glossy, shimmery pop tunes. The drive’s soundtrack gave me the idea to work on a loop-based song this week, something with synthesizers, a little less guitar focused, to be used for Senneca’s character’s music. See this post for Marc’s music.
Sadly, my entire Friday was spent trying in vain to write lyrics for this song. Hours went by and I had still to define the subject matter, so it is with a little disappointment that I offer up “All Noise” as an instrumental… for now. I am determined to nail down a topic over the weekend, and the words will surely follow.
OK, time to alienate some of my folkie friends.