A Year in Rearview

In hindsight, 2010 wasn’t bad. Wasn’t bad at all. A job layoff early in the year meant for some hard, and needed, career reevaluation, a process I must admit is both tiring and frustrating as it is exciting and promising. I’ll remember a summer spent at work, logging long days writing and recording songs for “Zeus”, our soon-to-be released indie. And about that little movie. After spending 2009 crafting it, J. Hurls, myself, and a slew of dedicated friends, went to work filming “Zeus” during a week in April. Reshoots followed in August, and as of today, our rough cut is finished. And, most recently, 2010 will mean a time of transition, again. After four years in Carolina, I packed up and headed to my home state in December, hopeful that the next X on my treasure map rests in Ithaca, NY (I’ll let you know).

Now for a long, hard look at my goals for 2010, made back in January.

1) Record two more EPs with at least four songs on each. Pass. I spent the summer recording tunes for “Zeus”, amassing some 15 songs and sketches (with more to come), and released a sampler in the nick of time.

2) Write a novella. Err, I’m writing it. Does that count? Yep. Pass.

3) Find a job that plays to my strengths but also challenges me to improve. Fail.

4) Begin busking uptown. Donate proceeds to one local outreach. Pass/Fail. Played once, made some cash and sent it to its rightful owner. Got lazy. I suck.

5) Play bar gigs for extra cash. Nope. Fail.

6) Film “Zeus”. Pass.

7) Play at least 20 to 40 [legit] shows, including bar gigs. Hilariously ambitious. Tapped out around 10. Fail.

8. Read a book by Ayn Rand. Currently reading a book by Ayn Rand (see sidebar). Pass.

9) Learn to play piano. Define “play”, Lou. I smell a candidate for the 2011 list.

10) Learn Italian. (See item #9)

Final tally: Somewhere just above .500. I’ll take it.



  1. I’d say you had a good year despite the setbacks. You remain an inspiration (read, reason to call myself a jackass when I don’t pursue my creativity as well as you have) to me with the way you keep puttering along, trying out new ways of doing things when the current way doesn’t seem to work. Next year should bring a lot of good things for you if you keep this up, my friend.

  2. Thanks, Del, as always. Your kind words never fail to encourage, and I’m glad to hear that I’ve inspired you in a small way. That’s the highest compliment I could ever receive.

    Now, go finish “King of All Skies” before Flo-tila sicks her “girls” on you.

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