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A Year in Rearview

In hindsight, 2010 wasn’t bad. Wasn’t bad at all. A job layoff early in the year meant for some hard, and needed, career reevaluation, a process I must admit is both tiring and frustrating as it is exciting and promising. I’ll remember a summer spent at work, logging long days writing and recording songs for “Zeus”, our soon-to-be released indie. And about that little movie. After spending 2009 crafting it, J. Hurls, myself, and a slew of dedicated friends, went to work filming “Zeus” during a week in April. Reshoots followed in August, and as of today, our rough cut is finished. And, most recently, 2010 will mean a time of transition, again. After four years in Carolina, I packed up and headed to my home state in December, hopeful that the next X on my treasure map rests in Ithaca, NY (I’ll let you know).
Now for a long, hard look at my goals for 2010, made back in January.
1) Record two more EPs with at least four songs on each. Pass. I spent the summer recording tunes for “Zeus”, amassing some 15 songs and sketches (with more to come), and released a sampler in the nick of time.
2) Write a novella. Err, I’m writing it. Does that count? Yep. Pass.
3) Find a job that plays to my strengths but also challenges me to improve. Fail.
4) Begin busking uptown. Donate proceeds to one local outreach. Pass/Fail. Played once, made some cash and sent it to its rightful owner. Got lazy. I suck.
5) Play bar gigs for extra cash. Nope. Fail.
6) Film “Zeus”. Pass.
7) Play at least 20 to 40 [legit] shows, including bar gigs. Hilariously ambitious. Tapped out around 10. Fail.
8. Read a book by Ayn Rand. Currently reading a book by Ayn Rand (see sidebar). Pass.
9) Learn to play piano. Define “play”, Lou. I smell a candidate for the 2011 list.
10) Learn Italian. (See item #9)
Final tally: Somewhere just above .500. I’ll take it.