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I guess I forgot how fun it was to jam with friends

I think I’ve reach the point in my music life when making music with others –as opposed to solo, lone-ranger style – is simply more fun and renewing. Whether in a studio or at a gig, having a friend or friends involved to share in the creative moments and performances has been a revelation. The fact that this obvious, no-shit revelation has hit me so squarely tells me I’ve been doing the solo thing a little too long. Unlike any year in recent memory, 2022 has brought me together with so many solid musicians and even better people, to share a gig, jam on songs, and be part of a community. I needed this, especially after/during covid.

This clip is from last month’s “Future Folk” series held at The Downstairs in Ithaca. From left to right, these are friends Liam Lawson, who hosts this great series, Rena Guinn, me, and JP Payton (Freight). And this is “Too Many Fires,” friends version.

II. This Friday, August 5, I’ll be splitting sets with Liam from 8 to 11 p.m. at Nickels Pit in Watkins Glen. One set from me; one set by Liam, and then we come together as a duo to play select original tunes. Come on over, if you’re around Seneca Lake.

Video by pal Gerald S.