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Livestream Gig! February 8, 2022

Lou twirl

Update: You can watch the show on Youtube.

We’re deep inside winter up here in upstate New York – tons of snow, single-digit temperatures, and not enough sunlight to fully satisfy body and mind. Live shows are few already, but even more scant on account of omicron. Friend, there ain’t a whole lot to do, particularly on a plain old Tuesday night. Plus, I need to play some songs, and I got a new record out, too. So let’s do a livestream gig, yea?

Join me from 7 to ~8:15 p.m. (EST) Tuesday, February 8, for a special gig beamed to you live from the Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts. I’ll be playing tunes solo inside of this immaculate, 150-year-old Baptist church and raising funds for the Conservatory. This show is exclusively online. No tickets. Just log on at before showtime, and you’re there. Chatlines will be open.