I’m a little late to this train, but this week I read a great book by Michael Pollan, called “Omnivore’s Dilemma”, in which the author breaks down the American food system, following our dinner from the farm — or factory — to the table. A couple of health-crazed friends of mine had suggested it, said […]

The story of Mike Powell, a high school wrestling coach near Chicago, is proof of what a coach can mean to the athletes he/she mentors. Dealt a fairly shitty hand, Powell – fighting a debilitating illness – continues to teach his kids about what it really means to be a man. Sports Illustrated ran a […]

Reporting live from the Buffalo Morose site: My partner in crime, Jeremy Hurls, has undertaken an ambitious and bitchin’ video project for December. Dubbed “ViDeocember”, he’s shooting a short film each weekday throughout December and posting it on the site. Have a look. The Christmas Tree one is just precious.

Hello, friends. It’s been a wild month between covering a variety of meetings for the paper, writing and performing a song at my cousin’s wedding (both an honor and one of the most nerve-wracking performances of my life), visiting folks in the Thousand Islands and watching horrible football courtesy of the Miami Dolphins. With the […]