I met a marketing guy tonight who told me he could sell my product (a product I don’t have). A few months ago, I was approached by a management team looking to book me some gigs. A coworker wants to put out a book but insists he needs a publisher. This is a great time […]

Our worlds are big and noisy, cacophonous. So is my brain. This blog serves but one purpose (kinda): To capture evasive thoughts and ideas and get them out through this medium. This blog is something akin to a developed thought, except I do my best work on the fly so, in the end, what I’ve […]

Recorded over the course of a year in my apartment. To download, Option-click the track name. 1. boxcarsboxcarsboxcars 2. preacher’s daughter 3. easy does it, julianna 4. el camino 5. what good is my voice (live)