I hit up a show at the Evening Muse this past Friday and stumbled onto Jill Andrews, formerly of the Everybody Fields, who utterly silenced the room with her gorgeous songs. She was sick. You need to check her out and get inspired. If you’re a musician in the area, or, hell, even if you’re […]

I work in a library. I’m not a librarian. Don’t call me that. I’ve always appreciated libraries. That fondness has only magnified now that I work in one, witnessed first hand the value libraries provide through free, unlimited information. So there’s a sting when I overhear a teenager, backpack slung over her shoulder, who readily […]

I love writing, but I hate thinking about writing. Oftentimes the thought of writing and the ensuing dip in my desire to create overpowers the elation I get when I’m focused, filtering thoughts into complete sentences or stringing together melodies. I’ve taken up entire hobbies to avoid writing. My cooking has improved dramatically just by […]

I met a marketing guy tonight who told me he could sell my product (a product I don’t have). A few months ago, I was approached by a management team looking to book me some gigs. A coworker wants to put out a book but insists he needs a publisher. This is a great time […]

Our worlds are big and noisy, cacophonous. So is my brain. This blog serves but one purpose (kinda): To capture evasive thoughts and ideas and get them out through this medium. This blog is something akin to a developed thought, except I do my best work on the fly so, in the end, what I’ve […]

Recorded over the course of a year in my apartment. To download, Option-click the track name. 1. boxcarsboxcarsboxcars 2. preacher’s daughter 3. easy does it, julianna 4. el camino 5. what good is my voice (live)