A Mom Was Just Driving to the Store When She Witnessed A Horrific Tragedy. You’ll Never Believe What She Did Next…

... She continued to the store, where she found a great deal on chuck roast, which she bought and then served to her family that evening.

Younger Self to Older Self: Connections Are Key, Jackass

One of the many great pleasures in maintaining a silly little blog or staying committed to a journal is that sometimes you surprise yourself. You stumble into something you wrote a ways back and it resonates in some fresh way, injects some needed insight into the current situation.  I wrote this post more than four [...]

I Will Not Be Duped: Lessons on Being an Old Weezer Fan

Weezer has released a new LP, so we can be sure of three things: it will be heralded as the sonic return of the Blue Album and Pinkerton; it will sound nothing like the Blue Album or Pinkerton; it will be crushingly awful. It’s old hat at this point, so it’s okay, old Weezer fan, [...]

Here’s a Piece I Wrote About Some Kids Who Developed the Next Huge Innovation in Music Creation

This week, for the Ithaca Times, I wrote a small novella about a start-up with local connections that's on the verge of something big. The Big Idea is called Thinkplay, and it’s a software-hardware combo that transforms an electric guitar into an audio and video triggering system. Put another way, Thinkplay turns your guitar into [...]

Big Pharma’s Got a Delicious, Drug-Laced Steak It Wants You to Try

Hey, look, Current Events. With impeccable timing, Big Pharma is making another play for muscle-building cattle drugs, and, this time around, consumers will be left to question the health effects of ingesting meat laced with an asthma medication. Wall Street Journal reports this week that Merck will again roll out Zilmax, a drug added to [...]

11 Must-Read Ways to Be, Like, Incredibly, Insanely Wealthy

1. Work hard, consistently 2. Work hard, consistently 3. Work hard, consistently 4. Work hard, consistently 5. Work hard, consistently 6. Work hard, consistently 7. Work hard, consistently 8. Work hard, consistently 9. Work hard, consistently 10. Work hard, consistently 11. Steal

Greed vs. Perspective

Greed occasionally spoils my sacred weekend mornings with the newspaper. Reading about companies moving large sums of cash, executives collecting a cool billion, I daydream. I ask my lady what is it we have to do to get a slice of the pie? $250K. That’s it. A modest sum in a country with deep pockets. [...]

Here’s What We Can All Learn From a Veteran Navy SEAL

Perhaps there's no one better to speak to adversity than a veteran Navy Seal. Last week, Navy Admiral William H. McRaven, ninth commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, gave a fairly awesome commencement address to graduates of University of Texas at Austin, his alma mater. He spoke on the lessons he gleaned from his SEAL [...]