Some thoughts while on the latter half of a 10-mile kayaking trip down the Chenango River. • Never has the impression been more profound, the inclination been more fully formed and apparent. I’ve come to terms with this hard inner truth: Kenny Chesney is just the god-damn worst. • In a job interview recently, I […]

Discoveries abound on this little internet machine, a not-new fact that revealed itself again recently when I bumped into Chris Shiflett’s podcast, Walking the Floor, in which the Foo Fighters guitarist, classic-country fan, and punk-guitar educator interviews various musicians in a refreshingly informal format. In a way, it brings to mind the massive, fascinating tome […]

Jeremy Hurlburt – my good friend and co-writer on our full-length feature, “Zeus” – put together a slick short-film shot entirely on the iPhone and entered it into the Original iPhone Film Festival. I chipped in with a couple of tracks. Now, “Hobby Horse” is a finalist for the big ‘ol grand prize and could […]

After a long time at work on a new Louiston record, it is out of my hands, down the street getting mastered at Wilburland Studios. Done. Finished. It’s called, Reconciler. It’s 10 songs, and it’s pretty damn cool, if I may. This is the first track I’ve received back, a quiet, snarky little ditty called […]

Mrs. Church Lady burst into the youth program at Rhema Christian Fellowship in Olean, NY, one Sunday morning and announced that there was to be a Christmas play in the next few weeks. Here were your scripts. Lou, here’s yours. Rehearsal is next Sunday. See you then. I glanced at the script, a take on […]