Bang! “Zeus” Picked for Atlanta Underground Film Festival

We're in! Last week, we received news that "Zeus" was selected for the Atlanta Underground Film Festival to be held next month. This is our first selection out of a handful that we submitted to. We're ecstatic, of course. Now to figure out how to get down to Atlanta. This is a victory to share [...]

“Zeus” Kickstarter Fund Raises $3,400; Joy and Gratefulness Abound

Early today, our Kickstarter campaign finished up after 35 days on the circuit. Not only did you, faithful friends, help meet our $3,000 goal, you obliterated it by a cool $400. That, for lack of a better word, is rad. All I can say is thanks. Thanks for your time in following our project. And, [...]

“Zeus” Is Bustin’ Heads on Kickstarter; Here’s How You Can Get Involved.

I always figured I'd make a poor salesman, and there's been little evidence over the years to prove otherwise. Making a pitch has never been my thing, unless the product or commodity worth pitching is worth a damn. This, my friends, is one of those instances. Let me don the saleman's cap for the next [...]

The Real Zeus Takes in “Zeus”, Childish On-Screen Hijinks, Needless Profanity; Loves It

Another exciting weekend in Olean last Saturday, as we wrapped up our series of hometown "Zeus" screenings with one at St. Bonaventure's Murphy Building. We had another nice crowd - about 50 or so - who came out to see our little film, including the real Zeus - Mr. Gene Froebel, former Hinsdale Central Everything. [...]

“Zeus” Premieres in Olean, NY

Quite a whirlwind this past week with the official hometown premiere of "Zeus" on Saturday. We opened up the doors of JCC's Cutco Theater to the public, offering a free screening to whoever wished to see our small film. To my surprise, we packed the house. I guessed more than 200 folks were in attendance, [...]

“Zeus Soundtrack” by Me Officially Posted

Good day, Friends. The Zeus Soundtrack is officially donzo and available for your downloading pleasure hither or at the Buffalo Morose site. You'll recognize some of the tracks if you followed last year's fun, little song lab. Here it is, though, in one shining, digital package. Enjoy. Also, Zeus screening in Olean this weekend. Click [...]

Zeus Premieres This Week and Other Goodies

"Zeus" premieres this week in L.A., at one of Hurls' friend's house. Pretty exciting. Oh, and there's the posters. And have you seen our new website? How about the "Zeus" press kit?  Check it.