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A Gig and A Brief Update on New Tunes

In the midst of this continued uncertainty, I will play an in-person show this coming Tuesday night, August 3, at Barnstormer Winery just outside of Watkins Glen.


Given a little bit of space and time, I’ve come to better understand the value of real and complete rest, and how some time away, with creative energies flicked off, allow for fresh perspective.

Shut In.

Like everyone else, I’ve spent the last several weeks hunkered down in my house, refining my relationship to boredom and probably eating too much. I’ve… Read More »Shut In.

Louiston - Duels EP


My new EP, “Duels”, is now out in its entirety and available everywhere . It’s loud; it’s quiet; it’s stylistically all over the place, from rock n’ roll to alternative to indie rock to acoustic, and – without any intentions to highlight them – the EP encompasses a good deal of my early influences. After many hours tinkering in my studio, this beast is finally done and out. I hope you’ll give it a listen. You’ll find the lyrics below.

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Win Win

I’m happy to release to the world a new track of mine called “Win Win”, the first of a batch of songs recorded with my drummer friend late last year as part of a fun studio project at Electric Wilburland Studios.