Shut In.

Like everyone else, I’ve spent the last several weeks hunkered down in my house, refining my relationship to boredom and probably eating too much. I’ve locked myself into a self-imposed rigid routine of remote work, family, exercise and rest, intended to keep my brain occupied and averted from the news that brings constant reminders of [...]

Here’s my new EP, Duels/Volume 1, and additional words about how I made it

The first half of my new EP "Duels" is out right now. Like today. Have a listen to this folk n' roll and read about the agony I inflicted on myself to make it. There are lyrics in here, too, sexy pants.

Louiston Studio Journal #2 – “Duels”

Early this year, sometime, I’ll have some new Louiston songs for you all and, eventually, a new record. Until then, enjoy a small dose of Mike Murray and I, in the studio recording a version of the title track on this new record, “Duels”. Here’s the first vid we did for another song. These were [...]

One of My Little Tunes is in a Buffalo-area Commercial

Quick news on the work front: I had the good fortune to again work with Ithaca-based Gera Films, this time pitching in a short, little ditty for a commercial for an East Aurora gift shop.

I Put Out a New Louiston LP Today. It’s Called ‘Reconciler’, and You Should Hear It.

I'm putting out some new music today. A 10-song record, actually. It's called Reconciler, and it's pretty damn good. Like every other Louiston record, you can grab it here or stream the whole thing on my website or soundcloud. Many, many sweaty hours were put into recording this thing at my house. The LP spans [...]